UK Registered Naturopath and Medical Educator. Stewart Mitchell B.Phil., Cert. Health Edu. has over three decades of clinical experience in Europe, the USA and India.

His practice is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

The Naturopathic Gym is a programme of consultation, classes and seminars on inspired themes for well-being.

“Life-embracing Naturopathy invites us to live life to the full, and that includes the capacity to be ‘success-fully unwell’. Because so often our symptoms and their consequences, whether from simple aches and pains or in the complications of more troubling conditions, are mysteriously urging us towards transformation and renewal.

The self- regulating, self- repairing forces  championed by Naturopathy remind us of our spiritual identity. By reconnecting with the energies that have shaped us, we can confidently continue in the purpose of our life.”

Stewart Mitchell
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